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Where All Things Magical Are Blessed And Created From Nature Itself.

Thank You For Joining Us For Your Journey To Spiritual Wellness And Awareness. We Are So Glad That You Could Join. Click Below Or Scroll Down For More!

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Look Gorgeous

Natural Glow

Sunshine & Cocoa's body care products are created to protect, enhance, moisturize, and lubricate your skin. It nourishes the skin and provide a natural glow, great for all skin types.

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Be Happy


Here at Sunshine and Cocoa, we want our customers to feel comfortable in their skin. We use clean and all natural ingredients to ensure that our products will make you feel and be happy with your beauty, we also use the power of dedication and intention to ensure that every last product and service works for you.

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protect your skin

Invest In Your Skin. It's Going To Represent You For A Very Long Time.

-Linden Tyler

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Bring out the hidden beauty

Check out our high demand skincare products. Each product is created with the intention of bringing beauty, elasticity, and tightness to the skin.


clean + invigorated

Is your skin in need of a detox? Cleanse it all the way from the hair shaft to the dermis with our Tea Tree and Peppermint Bar. A soap bar without the pesky toxins and parabens, handcrafted to be compassionate on the skin but tough on dirt, sweat, toxins, and bacteria,

Never Before Prices

The Magic Of You Can Be Found Inside The Beads

Get Your sexy back!

Get Your Sexy Back with our waistbeads! Each strand is created based on your personal intentions, goals, and, desires. Each strand is creatively designed just for you! Our waistbeads are just like you, one of a kind!

We Use Clean, All-Natural, And Delicate Ingredients To Ensure That You'll Love The 'New' You.

Client Testimonials

The Oatmeal and Lavender Soap has really helped replenish my skin. It's giving it back its elasticity and eveining my skin tone. I have sensitive skin, so finding a soap that does not cause breakouts and dryness is very helpful for me and my children. This soap is family friendly which is a bonus.

-Sojourner Alchemy

After using Baby Love [Additives] on my newborn, we both loved it. After bathing her with it, she was extremely relaxed and loved the smell. She even slept through the night.

Elizabeth -Meka

I recently has an encounter with burning my legs, and I was on a desperate search to find something that will help relieve the scars. After finding out about Sunshine & Cocoa and using the Le Bliss Body Oil and Sensual Seductionz Body Butter and various of body soaps (I brought so many things at once and experimented) I was relieved at the way the swelling went down and how my legs are getting back to their natural tone. I can proudly say I love these products and they are really amazing.

-J. Lee

The Honey and Coconut Soap is the absolute TRUTH. I have sensative skin and I break out extremely easily to almost everything; but after using the Honey and Coconut Soap, it's offically safe to say that I found my go to soap. My skin is smoother, healthier, eveny toned, and have minimal spots. I LOOOVVEEE IT.

-Madeline Law

I am absolutely pleased with ecerything from here. I recently bought the Baby Love Set and I absolutely loveeeeee it. My skin is smoother, healthier, and hydrated. I will be back to purchase more.


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