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The Oatmeal and Lavender soap has really helped replenish my skin, giving it back its elasticity, and evenly tones my skin. I have sensitive skin so finding a soap that does not cause breakouts and dryness is very helpful for me, as well as my children. This soap is family friendly which is a bonus. 

Sojourner Alchemy

After Using Baby Love [Additives] On My Newborn, We Both Love it. After Bathing Her With It. She Was Extremely Relaxed And Loved The Smell. She even Slept Through The Night 


 I recently had an encounter with burning my legs, and I was on a desperate search to find something that will help relieve the scars. After finding out about Sunshine & Cocoa and using the Le Bliss Body Oil and Sensual Seductionz Body Butter And Various Bar Soaps (I bought so many things at once and experimented) I was relieved at the way the swelling went down and how my legs are getting back to their natural tone I can proudly say I love these products and they are really amazing.  

J. Lee

 The Honey And Coconut Soap Is The Absolute TRUTH. I Have Sensitive Skin, And I Break Out Extremely Easily To Almost Everything, But After Using The Honey And Coconut Soap It's Officially Safe To Say That I Found My Go To Soap. My Skin Is Smoother, Healthier, Evenly Toned, And Has Minimal Spots. I LOOOVVEEE IT. 

Madeline Law

I Am Absolutely Pleased With Everything From Here. I Recently Bought the Baby Love Set and I absolutely loveeeeee it. My skin is smoother, healthier, and hydrated. I will be back to purchase more. 


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