Stepping Into The Light: An Ode, An Introduction

Stepping Into The Light: An Ode, An Introduction

Aug 18 , 2020

Sashauna Henry

Stepping Into The Light

An Ode, An Introduction.

Hello All! I am J. Sunshine, a beginner blogger with years of writing experience, a forward, progressive, and creative thinker, and a spiritual being living a human experience ready to tell the tales of my journey I am calling ‘Stepping Into The Light.’  The reason I am naming it stepping into the light is that when you are on the brink of ascension you are being called to a path of enlightenment to learn the truth about the darkness within but the light that is also being overshadowed by your darkness. Allow my ministry of words to guide you to step into your light and your sacred place. Here we give you advice, unconditional love, and a sacred space to be yourself. Oracle, Embrace, & Unconditional Love. 

Stepping Into The Light is a segment of short lessons learned on my spiritual journey; I feel as if these lessons can help or even guide someone to get to where they need to be. My intention is to make sure that physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally we all are taken care of and have a sacred space to laugh, cry, and even shed a light on who we now are rather than who we used to be. 

This is very crucial to me because I am still figuring out the same very thing but I feel as if it is my duty to guide those who feel misled and unguided. The blind cannot lead the blind but the insight of the wise can go the farthest. Throughout all things I am grateful and forever will remain grateful for all knowledge that has reigned upon me or was self-taught; I am grateful for being able to use my words to help those who are in need of healing, my biggest goal is to make sure that the idea of unconditional love and a safe environment to chat about how you feel is taken seriously and can be felt through whatever is being said. 

I feel that it is my mission to write my story so that you may gain the confidence to love and live truthfully in yours. Here, I am ensuring you this is a safe environment to love, laugh, hurt, cry, and feel any emotion that you are afraid to. 

I am here with you, guiding and learning—Welcome to Stepping Into The Light with J. Sunshine. 

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