Thoughtful Thursday's With J. Sunshine

Thoughtful Thursday's With J. Sunshine

Oct 01 , 2020

Sashauna Henry

Today, We take part in becoming considerate---considerate for other people’s feelings, trials, and tribulations, other people’s wants, needs, desires, or even their way of life. To be mindful of how others choose to love and accepting, embracing them with love, words of encouragement, intentionally powerful prayer: whether affirmation uttered or even a God-spoken prayer. 

Take this time to give out some careful attention and consideration to those you love and frequent the most. Do something thoughtful for them, whether if it is a text message, a phone call, sending an inspiring meme on social media--letting them know that you were thinking of them and that you appreciate them. The question for today that I really want you to focus on is “How Will Blessing Other Help Me?” 

The thing about thoughtfulness is, you are giving your accepting, loving, and impactful energy to those who needed it the most--notice how whenever someone or something is on your heart and mind heavy and once they contact you, you say “I’ve Been Meaning To Speak To You!” Or I Was JUST About To Call You!” Sometimes those around you need your fulfilling energy as a pick me up--be careful not to give too much of it away though! 

Ask Yourself Throughout The Day “How will blessing others bless me?” Use this as a reminder of you being able to show others life through a new lens--togetherness is needed more than ever.



Affirm Today, I Will Allow My Accepting, Loving, And Impactful Energy To Bless Those Around Me. 

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